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This month’s teaching zone has been written by Simon Avery. He explains how poor placement of the golf club in the hands can have knock on effects in the swing. One of the common problems I encounter as a swing coach is golfers placing the club incorrectly in their left hand. The grip is our only contact with the golf […]

This month’s teaching zone has been written by Tim Rich with course management and specifically club selection in mind. It’s a simple way to lower your scores. If you consider the following four steps your approach accuracy will improve. 1.       Know Your Clubs This step is about getting clear on how far you hit each club. Think […]

We are pleased to announce that our ladies clothing area has been extended! Our ladies clothing has had its permanent home on the second floor of the shop for some time now but this winter we decided we ought to create further space for it. We are fortunate enough to be hosting the Women’s Open […]

Welcome to winter on the links! It’s blowing a gale and you know your iron will simply balloon into the air and go nowhere – you need a punch shot (also called the ‘stinger’ made famous by Tiger.) Modern clubs make it harder to hit low iron shots as they are designed to help you get […]

We love helping you improve, so each month we’ll be offering an idea to help your golf or a simple practice drill. We’ll be looking to freshen up your practice or make you think differently about the game and the challenges it presents. We’ll be covering all areas of golf from tee shots to putting, […]

We are excited to announce we have started our own Youtube channel. In the last month we have been filming various videos, the topics may be club reviews, course advice, tuition or fun challenges. We aim to make them as specific to Royal Lytham as possible so please do have a look if you’re paying […]