Welcome to winter on the links! It’s blowing a gale and you know your iron will simply balloon into the air and go nowhere – you need a punch shot (also called the ‘stinger’ made famous by Tiger.) Modern clubs make it harder to hit low iron shots as they are designed to help you get the ball airborne, however if you follow these simple tips you will produce a lower trajectory that will help counteract the cold strong wind.

Set Up

To change the trajectory of a shot it’s all about set up – especially the punch shot.

– move the ball back in your stance but keep your hands forward to deloft the club and allow 70% of your weight to favour the left leg to encourage the downward blow required.

– make a nice three-quarter swing gripping the club slightly firmer than normal which will help reduce your wrist action.


– try and feel at impact you return to your address position as we want to keep the hands ahead of the clubhead which will keep the loft off the club as you squeeze the ball against the turf.

– keep your hands low on the follow through, a nice image is to feel that your hands and club stay below the flight of the ball.

– don’t restrict this shot to long irons, try it with a wedge for a low-flying, sharp-spinning approach.


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  1. Good tip,like more if possible.

    • Thank you Barrie. We will be posting a tip every month, we will notify people when these have been uploaded via Twitter. If you would like to follow us please click the Twitter link at the bottom of the page.


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