This month’s teaching zone has been written by Simon Avery. He explains how poor placement of the golf club in the hands can have knock on effects in the swing.

One of the common problems I encounter as a swing coach is golfers placing the club incorrectly in their left hand. The grip is our only contact with the golf club making it vital to the way energy is transferred from our body into the club. A poor grip can lead to loss of clubface control and reduced power, and I often see the body compensating as a result.


A lot of people run the club up the lifeline of their left hand (see the purple lines on my glove). This makes it very difficult to create wrist hinge and usually leads to a breakdown in the left arm at the top of the back swing. Fortunately, this issue is easily solved by placing the club in the base of the fingers (see the blue lines on my glove).


This will allow for a correct wrist hinge and stop the left arm breaking creating a stronger position at the top of the backswing. It’s tempting to go for a dynamic swing change based on watching supple golfing athletes, but don’t forget the foundations of good technique. A simple change to the way you orientate the club in your left hand can make a big difference.













2 Responses to March Teaching Zone – The Importance of Grip
  1. This change made by Simon for me is beginning to make a difference in my swing and ball striking !


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